Our new brochure for professionals is now available 

Educating people about yeast extract is one of our central concerns, as yeast extract is a natural ingredient that is also suitable for vegan and low-salt cuisine. As a result, we have now prepared a new brochure directed at professionals – such as journalists, bloggers and nutritional experts – with information about yeast extract. 

But what exactly is it about? For example, about the individual components of yeast extract! Yeast extract is rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The production process is also explained in detail: From fermentation to autolysis, centrifugation, evaporation, concentration and drying. There is also information about its natural glutamic acid, even though its content in yeast extract is small compared to other foods, such as tomatoes or mushrooms. Glutamic acid is often confused with the taste enhancer monosodium glutamate.  

Click here for the brochure: