About us

“EURaSYP“ is the abbreviation for the European Association for Specialty Yeast Products, which represents the political and economic interests of its members. One of the association’s main goals is to disseminate information to the public, to strengthen the awareness of specialty yeast products – including yeast extract – as an ingredient in a wide variety of products and dishes.

Yeast products specifically used for the production of bread, beer and wine fall under the scope of other professional organisations, such as Cofalec.

Read more about EURaSYP in the statutes (PDF).


EURaSYP represents leading producers of specialty yeast products. Together they provide most of the European market with a broad range of yeast-based ingredients. Direct web links to the individual members can be found by clicking on the logo’s below.

Associate members

If you have any questions or media requests on topics relating to yeast extract or specialty yeast products, please contact us using our contact form.