Yeast extract is a natural, sustainable, clean label ingredient. It is made from fresh bakers’ or brewers’ yeast in a fermentation process that is completely natural and has been used in food production for thousands of years.

1. Sustainably produced.

Yeast extract is made from the by-product of other areas of food and drink production, such as from beer making. This means that there’s an optimal use of resources during the production process. Another way to grow fresh yeast is from molasses derived from sugar cane or sugar beet crops.

2. A valuable form of reuse.

In addition to being used as a food ingredient, the by-product from yeast extract production is used in various ways for human and animal health, as well as nutrition purposes. It is also used for land fertilisation and the creation of renewable energy.

3. A meat substitute.

Yeast extract’s distinctive umami taste, which is similar to meat bouillon, means it is an ideal ingredient to help people cut their meat consumption and switch to a more plant-based diet. In turn, this helps to promote sustainable food development.