The key topic of the first issue of the EURASYP Newsletter is the professional forum “Glutamate – really just a question of taste?” which took place at the Munster University of Applied Sciences on May 5th. More than 100 participants from science, the food and the retail industry discussed the content, function and taste of glutamate in food products.

There had been a public discussion and media-coverage of transparency and labelling issues that had been partly emotional, according to the co-initiator Prof. Dr. Ursula Bordewick-Dell – the scientific forum served the purpose to return to a more factual discourse. The conference was organised by the Faculty of Nutritional Sciences and Facility Management of the Munster University of Applied Sciences together with Prof. Dr. Carola Strassner and Prof. Dr. Ursula Bordewick-Dell.

EURASYP took part in the program and was represented with two experts, Yolanda Werner and Eric Oriol. They reported on the manufacturing and composition of yeast extracts, as well as the taste variety of natural yeast. “The participation in the forum blends in seamlessly with our initiative to transparently inform about yeast extract”, says Eric Oriol. “Especially the discussion with future as well as accomplished nutritionists was a good opportunity to professionally exchange knowledge.”