The EURASYP website has been further developed in recent months, not only visually but also in terms of content, and is now celebrating its official relaunch. Besides a visual change, the site offers in-depth information for consumers, experts, and professionals on the role of yeast extract in cooking, food production, and a vegetarian or vegan diet.

From now on, visitors to the new EURASYP website will be able to navigate through all points of the website in a user-friendly way and without much time spent searching. The new website offers interesting facts about yeast extract, explains its origin in fresh yeast, and outlines the production process and its handling. The “For professionals” section provides further information for nutrition experts and specialists in food production. On our blog “Good to know”, informative articles about yeast extract offer an insight into the different facets of yeast extract.

In addition, visitors can learn about the use of yeast extract in the kitchen in the new consumer area and get inspiration for vegan recipes with our food blogger collaboration “Food around the world”. This area invites you to integrate yeast extract into your daily cooking and food preparation. In addition to recipes, there are also reports on food trends and interviews with chefs covering other interesting aspects of yeast extract.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website and look forward to your feedback!