European Association for Specialty Yeast Products for transparency and factual information 

The European Association for Specialty Yeast Products (EURASYP) launches an information initiative about yeast extract for the food industry and retailer. “Yeast extract is often mistakenly equated with additives and flavour enhancers. But yeast extract is a 100% natural ingredient based on yeast”, says Gerard Hardeman, spokesperson of EURASYP. “With this joint initiative, EURASYP intends to counteract misinterpretations and to support the retail in taking up the consumers request for more transparency and factual information.”

The initiative focuses on merchandise information on the production, composition, use and labelling of yeast extract. EURASYP emphasizes that just like herbs and spices yeast extract is a natural ingredient. For more than 50 years, yeast extract has been used by food producers because of its ability to not only add taste but to bring out and balance flavours. Yeast extract is composed of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. “As glutamate is part of every naturally occurring protein, it is also present in yeast extract”, says Prof. Dr. Ursula Bordewick-Dell, Professor at the Department of Ecotrophology, University of applied sciences in Munster. “Yeast extract should not be mistaken with monosodium glutamate. Yeast extract is a rich mix of protein compounds that are responsible for the multiple taste giving and balancing properties. Monosodium glutamate consists of almost 100% glutamate salt, the salt of the glutamic acid. It is only used to make existing flavours stronger.”

“In comparison with other foods we consume daily, the glutamate level of yeast extract is very low”, says Hardeman. “The concentration in tomatoes, peas or parmesan is much higher: One tomato contains approximately twice the amount of glutamate present in 200 ml of yeast extract flavoured bouillon.”

The association’s new website combines all there is to know; consumer oriented information with additional material and studies on yeast extract. Two brochures complete the online information:

The brochure “Yeast extract – naturally good” is targeted towards the retailer and the food industry, but also includes the general public. Central topics are the naturalness, components and flavour characteristics of yeast extract.

The brochure „10 questions on yeast extract“ particularly addresses consumers. It takes up frequently asked questions and explains to the reader briefly and concisely the ingredient yeast extract, its use and its function in many daily food products.

All EURASYP information can be downloaded and ordered via the website

Further information on EURASYP:

EURASYP is an acronym for European Association for Specialty Yeast Products. The members of the association are European manufacturers of specialty yeast products. EURASYP is the central contact for politics, science, media, commerce and the food industry, answering any questions related to specialty yeast products. Members of EURASYP include Bio Springer, DSM, Kerry, Lallemand, Leiber, Ohly and Sensient.

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