We worked together with vegan and vegetarian food bloggers from Germany and England from May to August to promote the advantages of yeast extract in plant-based cooking. The food bloggers each created a vegan recipe with yeast extract, prepared it themselves and then photographed it. This approach enabled us to reach more than 30,000 people on Instagram. 

The result was a range of vegan dishes created by the food bloggers inspired by different cuisines from around the world, demonstrating the versatile use of yeast extract in the kitchen in keeping with the title of the campaign. Yeast extract with its umami taste provides a spicy note and a balanced aroma – especially in a plant-based cuisine that is always exploring creative ways of adding a savoury and hearty taste to food. It became evident that yeast extract lends itself to the preparation of dishes from all over the world. This enabled Tajda (7700 subscribers) from Manchester to cook an Asian stew with dumplings and Miriam (6500 subscribers) from Dortmund to cook a vegan version of Italian spaghetti carbonara.