A chocolate-flavoured fruit, an edible drinking straw made of apple waste, insects as a source of protein or “healthy hedonism”, i.e. the symbiosis of health and indulgence – the food trends in 2019 are so varied you’re sure to find something delicious whatever your preferences or personal convictions. There is particular emphasis on the use of fresh, healthy ingredients and getting enjoyment out of food. But what exactly are the advantages of yeast extract? In order to answer this question, we’ve taken a closer look at the continuing trend towards meat-free dishes.

Consumers are increasingly looking for extra-healthy, sustainable alternatives to meat and animal products. Meat substitutes made from mushrooms or cereals often satisfy customer demands in terms of ethical and environmental considerations, while also being compatible with increased health awareness. In addition, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about where their foodstuffs come from, which is why they’re leaning towards regional produce, such as regionally grown fruit and vegetables. If you’re new to vegetarianism or veganism, but don’t want to go without the savoury taste of traditional meat dishes, you should opt for ingredients with a sensational taste. Yeast extract fulfils this requirement in a natural way and is also completely free of animal ingredients. The strong characteristic taste is best compared with that of a strong meat stock. Yeast extract therefore adds some much-needed flavour to vegetarian and vegan dishes and helps people eat healthily – without compromising their enjoyment of food or the savoury taste.